Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 56 through Day 97

Well, it's been awhile since there were any steps for me to complete in this experiment, and then in the end, due to work factors, I did one step rather late....sigh.

I was supposed to rack Jack on Day 80, but didn't manage to get to it until last night, on Day 97.  However, the wine now just bulk ages until Day 140, so I doubt this will change the results much. I was amazed by the amount of sediment in the bottom--this is the second racking since the fining agents were added and the sediment really seemed almost like a first racking off the fining agents.

The only other task in this phase of the experiment was to bottle Tim, which pretty much happened on schedule.  I filtered the wine, as I will do with all of them.  Bottle went as standard, until I popped in the last cork, and realized I'd neglected the 1/4 tsp of kmeta.  I'm willing to uncork them all, add a teeny amount of solution and recork if necessary.  Any thoughts on this?

Last up, the taste test.  I opened a half bottle of the kit batch to compare to the Tim batch.  I really wasn't expecting to see any results so quickly, but I already have some to share. The kit batch tastes pretty much as it did at bottling, the bubblegummy, green taste that so many young wines have.  It's really hard to distinguish any flavours beyond that, as the taste of young wine is so overpowering.  Then I took a sip of Tim, expecting an identical taste.  The flavours were so much softer, well rounded.  I wouldn't have thought they were the same kit.  Tim tastes much closer to "ready".  The bubblegum flavour is still there, but much farther in the background.

This first taste reaffirms my belief in bulk aging most kits, at least for a little while.  Now I can't wait for the experiment to continue, but there are 3 more months before another bottling--and another taste test--occurs.